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UVC+Ozone: PROTEK Book Sterilizer JME-03-U16W2

UVC+Ozone: PROTEK Book Sterilizer JME-03-U16W2

Combine <Ozone> and <UVC>

Double the sterilization effect!

Hang the books to sterilize inner pages with ozone and sterilize the interior of the cabinet with UVC.

The ozone and UVC are set at a safe dose that neither damage paper and ink nor affects human body.

The SGS test report shows the sterilization rate of PROTEK Book Sterilizer has reaches 99.9% for the following strains: e.coli, staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, legionella, etc.

More detail:

● Can also sterilize headphones, tablet, wallet, etc. .

Takes only 45 seconds to sterilize 6 to 12 books.

No button design to prevent contact infection.

sterilization begins when the door is closed.

● Made in Taiwan (R.O.C.)

● For oversea shipping, please contact:

Operating steps:

1. Open the door.

2. Open the books and hang the books on the hangers.

3. Close the door. Sterilization begins when the door is closed.

4. Please wait 45 seconds, Sterilization will be finished when the light is off.

5. You may open the door and take the sterilized books out.


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